Will Writing


Everyone should have a legal Will, if your will is not complete, filed and authorised by a solicitor the law will decide who gets what re property, savings etc. Some people ask us why would they use a solicitor, it’s simple you have protection for example if someone contests your wishes. Some people start the process of the will but they may not complete it, or worse still forget to sign it. This means it is not legally binding.

What should you expect?

A solicitor should check everything is correct and that you are advised at every stage. We have put a link to a company that we recommend on the home page of this blog. You should have a quotation so you know what your bill will be, there is nothing worse than a surprise that means you are in financial difficulty.

Considerations before seeing your Solicitor

Save yourself some time and money by thinking about what you want.  That is the first thing a solicitor will ask you and if you don’t know it makes it harder for them to help you in an efficient way.  Most solicitors charge by the hour, so do your thinking before you go into the appointment.

Think about:

  • Family
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Charities

Consider your savings, property and if you have anything valuable that could be sold for money to be divided.  It sounds cold but it is best to have these things sorted out, the worst thing could be leaving it for a few select people to decide.  Chances are your nearest and dearest will be grateful that you have done this.

Research your Solicitor

Do your due diligence on any solicitor you want to meet, they will be your point of contact for a few things throughout your life so you want a good solicitor on your side.  Ask other people you know, look for reviews online that are genuine.