Power of Attorney

Make Plans Today – Power of Attorney

Some people don’t understand what a power of attorney does or indeed what it means.  It is a written, legally binding document that is giving someone else authority to make decisions and take actions for your welfare.  The goal is to ensure your financial affairs and personal welfare is protected.  You may suffer from a mental illness or a terrible heath issue that cannot be reversed.  In these cases, you will need support.

Covering Incapacity

If you lose capacity it means you cannot look after yourself.  Some people fight it, but hopefully everyone will have support.  It may be that your incapacity means you cannot understand basic reasoning when communicating or that you cannot make a decision due to confusion.

Did you know that without power of attorney you cannot simply act for your spouse or parent, they need to have appointed you.  This can cause all sorts of issues, but best to get these things sorted out, this is what solicitors are there for.

Can’t afford it?

Those on low incomes or benefits can look to have part or all of the cost taken care of.  This accounts for just over a quarter of the adult population.  Speak to your solicitor or citizens advice who will be able to give you advice.

Starting Point

Speak to someone you trust and ask if they would be willing to do this for you.

Draw up the legal paperwork with your solicitor (see link on home page)

Be aware that no-one has the legal automatic right to do this.  There must be a legal document for the lawyers and courts to refer to.

Power of Attorney can refer to welfare, living arrangements and financial decisions.  This can include where you live and who you live with.  To consent or withhold medical treatment.